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Our creams are rich and velvety, never sticky and feeds rough, thirsty skin the nourishment needed as well as protecting you from mother nature.

Hydrating and skin softening

We work with mother nature and pass on the environmentally friendly cost savings.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, building a brand that consumers can trust in core values, is more important than ever. One important factor that distinguishes our successful brand is authenticity. Consumers value businesses with clear brand values that they maintain consistently in both their actions, love and respect for mother nature. – Cheryl Hull

Continuously adapting and improving products to increase the protection and environmentally sustainable friendliness of all our products.


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A fun day in the sun, where we had the idea of letting everyone plant their own plants to symbolise them being part of the company and to have the metaphor where as a company we grow but so does these plants, creating a nice sense of the company growing with the employees and customers, together we grow.